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337Studio.com is the online portfolio of Hogan Lee, a Columbus-based web designer with a background in Illustration who is passionate about creating standards-compliant, cleanly designed websites.
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Hogan Lee offers various freelance web design services to both the Columbus area and across the U.S. He works mainly with individuals or small businesses but is open to helping any sized organization create a website.

Feel free to browse his portfolio of work or view his resume. If you're interested in working together or if you'd like to discuss a project, do not hesitate to contact him.

Latest Work

Web Design

Personal site for designer, Carla Morales


Goofy monkeys
Thumbnail for goofy monkeys illustration
Monkeys illustration


STaRS Brochure
Thumbnail for STaRS brochure
Brochure print design


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337Studio is Launched

337Studio.com is up and running! After a little too many frustrating setbacks and do-overs, I've finally completed my portfolio website.